Dolphin & Whale Watching Tour
If you love whales, dolphins, the sea and the beaches hop on board for a breathtaking experience on the open ocean. We will speed out to sea on our large, comfortable and fast Taxiboat Quer 40 which accommodates 32 persons and pass some 2.5 hours enjoying the blue Atlantic of southern Gran Canaria with breathtaking views on the sea and the coastline.
Dolphins and Mogán Market Tour
First we´ll go by bus to the famous market of Puerto de Mogán and do a tour of the town up to the harbor of Puerto de Mogán where our comfortable and fast Taxiboat Quer 40 will be waiting for us and we will spend about 2,5 hours enjoying the Atlantic and the coastline of Southern Gran Canaria. Hopefully we´ll be able see whales and dolphins. Breathtaking views over the blue sea and coast with its amazing beaches are guaranteed.
Dolphins, Güi Güi Beach and fun
If you like to see the the coast and the beaches together with the mountains and the landscape of southern Gran Canaria in one excursion just come with us for a breathtaking experience. After enjoying the open sea in search for dolphins and whales, we go to one of the beaches like Maspalomas or Güi Güi where we have a bath. After this refreshing break, we go along the coast back to Puerto Rico.
Dolphins, Whales and Güi Güi Tour
Magical experience of enjoying the dolphins in the wild, jumping and playing with the waves.
We disembark at Güi Güi – a beautiful unspoiled beach, where we will have a delicious Canarian style meal and enjoy a few hours of snorkeling in crystal clear waters, sun bathing or just walking along the wonderful shore.

Our Boat

Fast, agile, powerful, safe, comfortable, elegant…
Some call it “Ferrari of the sea”…