Where to park a car

The boat is waiting for you in:
Puerto Rico
Calle Doreste y Molina 2
Puerto Escala
35130 Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria


27°46’57.6″N 15°42’54.1″W
27.782674, -15.715028


Please be aware that normally, even if opened, the parking in Puerto Escala – the closest to Taxiboat and most convenient parking spot – is usually very busy and it’s very hard to find a free spot there.

During the weekends it is impossible to park in Puerto Escala.

Please, keep in mind that if you want to come by your car, you will have to find a parking spot somewhere in Puerto Rico and then walk to the port. It can take you at least 15 minutes or more. So you will have to come earlier. Please do not make other guests waiting for you.

On the map below you can find 4 most used parking spots.

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Taxiboat - the boat is here

The pier where the boat waits for you.

The coloest parking spot. Paid. Can be busy.

Parking in Puerto Base. Paid. Usually a lot of space.

Parking in Motor Grande. Free. Lot's of space. Far away - 30 min walk.