Who are we

Sailing is a way of life for Canarians, and we are proud to share with you one of our most favorite activities. Sailing expands our world past the limits we know well and connects us to the incredible nature we love to explore. The real beauty of taking a tourist boat trip in Gran Canary is the feeling that you are getting a bespoke experience. As there is no defined route that boat tours must follow, a detour to a nice beach or the area where birds are nesting, visiting places where whales and dolphins were recently spotted is not out of the ordinary. Your boat trip driver knows these Gran Canary waters from extensive experience sailing, and he wants you to experience the best.
But remember that Gran Canaries marine nature can sometimes show its rough side. As tempting as it might sound to hire a private boat owner for a boat tour, always opt instead for passenger-approved boats and companies, that comply with the strictest regulations about sailing in the Atlantic ocean.

Our Team

Jorg Fischer


My passion is travel. To organize trips for our clients is a pleasure. With each sale of a trip we make our customers enjoy this wonderful world with all its accents and differences.

I love working in tourism. I give priority to people. I like them happy. And what’s a better time than when you go on vacation with your family and see them happy? For me the most important are our customers.



My passion for the sea and the islands has led me to love the region of the Canary Islands a lot. So I define that landscape: an open sea in front of the porch of the house where I live. Gran Canaria is an ideal place to navigate its sea conditions. The trade winds blow regularly, and the wind channels between islands make available to the navigator ideal acceleration zones.

I like to sail from when I was small and now working in Taxiboat I hope to be able to find people with my same hobby and to share pleasant moments in the sea.


Boat Crew & Guide

I worked in several tourist companies, I have been with Taxiboat for 1 year and soon I realized that providing such a beautiful and humane service to passengers every day has become more satisfying. Thanks to the technology that we use and constantly update and the team work with sales, I have achieved quality work. It is impressive the amount of information that I manage which helps me to give a fast and excellent service. I am pleased to be developing my knowledge and learning more and more together with the great family that we are in the Taxiboat.

Yessica Hernandez


I love working in tourism, I give priority to people is to be happy, and what a better time than when you go on vacation or to see your family, is a commitment in which the most important are the customers.



I love to travel, to know other cultures, to innovate and to develop creative and different projects. Designing tailor-made events with the Taxiboat and organizing reservations gives me the opportunity to work by vocation and allows me to interact internationally with entities and people who trust us to the smallest detail of the most important events in their lives.

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