The Quer 40 Taxiboat, the vessel star of the professional range uses only the newest and best materials nowadays offered.


The Taxiboat is perfectly designed for quickly channeling the existence of water (rain, shower, hosing ...) into your drains. These drains are provided with a large flow pipe and a filter to remove any impurities thus facilitating cleaning.


The electrical system is properly protected ringed sheath, preventing corrosion, vibration absorbing and giving protection on direct and indirect contacts. Our systems are conveniently labeled in each of the branch lines leading to the identification of proper wiring. In each of the locking connections compounds have terminals of materials that do not allow corrosion.


Deposits of our boats are made of aluminum and are installed in naval special requirements defined by the yard: are welded and fixed to the hull by an elastomeric high tenacity, but also they are located on pads to ensure durability nitride reducing friction. The fuel lines are in copper to ensure maximum reliability and all hoses DIN standards applied still in construction and CE approval