The Quer 40 Taxiboat has many advantages like very low fuel consuption (20 litres per hour) and a extremly high level of comfort for passengers and crew.

SPEED (40 knots)

The design of the Taxiboat and its technology allow this boat to attain speeds above 40 knots with a comfortable cruising speed of 34 knots, together with a stable and safe ride.


The mechanical department of the shipyard studies and personalizes the needs of our clients according to their business needs. The aim is to determine what type of power unit will the client need in order to operate at the optimum motoring rate. If we add the ideal power unit to the high performance Quer hulls, we obtain a very low fuel consumption without sacrificing their trademark speed. 


The Taxiboat is agile, very manoeuvrable, stable and, above all, very fast. Fast even without having to install high power engines to obtain high speeds. The ride on a Taxiboat is defined by an optimum wave passing very high turning rate, compared to conventional hulls. 


The shipyard is sited at Port de la Selva, in the northern shore of the Cap de Creus, an are often lashed by the tramontana winds, a solid construction it is therefore an integral part of these hulls. Quer Barcelona had to take into account that its boats had to sail with rough weather in order to be able to cover as many days of the year as possible.


To be able to trust a boat when underway at sea is clear, that is why the Taxiboat is designed and thoroughly tested to offer a high level of reliability. This has been achieved by fitting the most advanced and reliable equipment available, this eliminating any unnecessary risks of breakdowns.


The simplicity, distribution and generous beam of the Taxiboat give a surprisingly large amount of space to accommodate our clients in own “Recaro” seats, designed for pleasant seating.